Binary Tree E2E Complete vs. Quest Migration Manager for Exchange

I came across with this article provided by my friend at BinaryTree. I would strongly recommend to download and go through the document. It will help you decide and explain to your Manger/CIO/CTO that why BinaryTree is better product in Cross Forest Migration tool than Quest.

Download Migration Tools Comparison



  1. Indeed, for a lot of customers the double copy is a big disadvantage of QMM. And everyone should be aware of it from the beginning. But I suppose QMM has some advantages as well. By the way, in the latest versions of QMM there is a way to avoid re-downloading the ost by processing it. (if the mailbox is located in a remote user collection). The document contains facts and I agree mainly. but BinaryTree's article is biased and focuses on the strenght of it's own product and the weakness of the other's product. I'd like to see a good comparison of these migration tools. I'm working as a consultant for a systems integrator and what I can say from my experience is that Quest has a lot better support. You can quickly create a case online and you'll get a solution within an hour or so. I've been testing BinaryTree CMTe and CMTc. It doesn't look less complicated than the Quest tooling. BinaryTree is not well known and used. The software still has plenty of bugs. So whatever tool you should chose, it certainly won't be perfect. In some situations BinaryTree's tool fits better than Quest. In other situations Quest will be used by preference.

  2. Hi Olivier,

    Thank you for your comment and suggestions. I totally agree with you what ever you have said.
    As far as me and my friends experience concerned, Quest is not the best tool for migration (May be it wasn't their day).

    If I am not wrong, BinaryTree was the first company to build there product on PowerShell for exchange cross forest migration.
    On using tool's, I personally recommend BinaryTree to all my clients.

  3. I use binary tree for several migration projects from notes to exchange. I never used Quest.
    Once binary is installed and working fine you can be sure it migrates the email without problems.
    But getting binary tree installed is not easy, but on the other had its not very difficult as well if you have done it several times. So at the end we are always able to get the mail migrated on time and we have happy clients. For me the delta (update) mail migration run is a great feature which I need. So I can run updates to migrate the not migrated emails to Exchange.
    Want to know more please drop me an email at
    I am happy to do mail migrations for you as wel.

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