Windows Server Backup failing with error code 2155348010

I was working with one customer yesterday on backup issue. Customer was taking backup using Windows Server Backup of Exchange Server 2010 but it was failing with error code “2155348010”. Checked the application log and found the event 517.

He informed that he is taking backup on USB drive and in Windows Server Backup failure result it was talking about I/O failure. We were taking backup of two entire drive, C drive and E drive.(Windows Server Backup is volume backup)
Restarted the Exchange Server and started taking the backup, but this time we took only system state backup on the server drive and not on the USB drive. Backup started fine without any error.

Started the backup of Exchange Database drive “E” and this time we were taking backup on the USB drive and backup completed successfully.
When you select multiple drive for the backup (using windows server backup) and you are backing up on the USB drive, the chances are that they will fail due to I/O read and write failure.

Note: This is one of the reason why Microsoft doesn’t recommend to take backup on USB drive.

If you do not have a choice other than running the backup on USB drive than there one thing you can do. Keep in mind its a temporary option.
1: Take the backup of the database on the server drive.
2: Once the backup is complete, copy the backup file paste it on the USB drive and delete it from the server.