Upgrade the discovery mailboxes to R5 version, this will fix the RecipientDisplayType property of the discovery mailbox which was wrong in R4.

Hi All, It’s been longtime I wrote any new article, being busy in some other stuffs.

I was doing installation of second Exchange Server 2010 Mailbox Role for my DAG (LAB) today and got this error. This error reminded me my Microsoft Exchange PSS days.  

I have seen this error before when exchange server 2010 was RTM.

I thought of writing a small article for this issue. To resolve this issue, first I uninstalled Mailbox Server Role and restarted the server. Ran Setup.com /preparead and tried the installation but it failed again.
Their is one attribute in exchange for all the mailboxes, its homeMDB. I checked the attribute on the user account by going into Adsiedit.msc…Domain Partition…User…Gulab Prasad (my account) and found that it is set on the account. 
Now there are two System Mailboxes from which this information is missing. Here is the attribute with homeMDB not set.
Now here is what I did to fix the issue. Go to Adsiedit.msc and Domain Partition and copy the attribute value from any user mailbox and paste it in homeMDB attribute.
After making the above changes, start the installation and installation will complete successfully. And, end result will look like this….
I hope it helps to someone, who’s running into the same kind of issue.