The Setup Wizard had determined that Certificate Revocation List (CRL) checking is enabled on this computer.

I was doing exchange server 2010 SP2 rollup update (In the LAB) on few exchange servers. It’s Update Rollup 5V2. When I ran the Update Rollup file after a few seconds it gave me the below warning message.


I continued, just to check how much time does it takes to install the update. It took around 4 hours to complete. If you are running this in production, I would strongly recommend not to ignore this message.

I Googled the error and I did found few articles, which talk’s about doing the registry editing, netsh http delete sslcert and Security setting change on Internet Explorer. But none of the article says to do the both, hence even if change the registry and don’t change the IE settings, it’s not going to work. At least it didn’t worked for me  I choose to do the things manually this time.

Registry editing steps.
The default value will is 0, you need to change it to 1. Restart the server after making the changes.

Default Registry Value


Now, after making the above changes, I ran the the setup again, but I got the same error again. Now the only thing was remain was Internet Explorer setting, hence did the same.
Open Internet Explorer—>Internet Options—>Advanced—>Under security, uncheck the Check for publisher’s certificate revocation option.

This time you don’t have to restart the server :). I ran the setup again for Rollup Update 5 V2 and it completed successfully.

RU Install

Note: Once the installation/upgrade is complete, change the registry value to 0 and IE back to it’s default setting.


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