Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging Service Failed to Start on Exchange Server 2010

Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging Service Failed to Start on one of Unified Messaging Server. When I tried to start the service it failed with error.

When I check the application log I found the Event ID 1038. Useful information in the event was “The total number of explicit and implicit subfilters exceeds maximum allowed number of 200“.
There’s another event MSExchange Common logged on the server.
Exchange UM 2010 Server was choking on a dial plan, apparently Exchange UM 2010 has a limit on the number of IP gateways per dial plan.
As per the event 1038, it says it exceeded the limit of 200, but there’s no were written in the Microsoft articles which says there’s limitation of Dial Plan.
Now to fix the issue I had to disassociate dial plan from the Exchange UM 2010 servers. Means I had to break up the Dial-plan so the number of IP gateways will be below 200. But I am wondering how it got choked on weekends.
After splitting the dial plan and breaking into two between two UM Servers, I was able to start the service.
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