Exchange Server 2013

  • How to create DAG in Exchange Server 2013

    Lets get started, as we all know that Exchange Server 2013 RTM has been released for public few months ago. Today we are going to Create and Configure Database Availability Group (DAG) in Exchange Server 2013 RTM running on Windows Server 2012. LAB Environment: Login to EAC (Exchange Admin Center) with Administrator rights. Click on […]

  • Exchange Server 2013 missing/new features and functionality

    Check out these two articles for Exchange Server 2013 missing and new features and functionality Note: In first (Michaels) article, one thing needs to be corrected is, you can install exchange server 2013 in exchange server 2007 SP3 environment. Cheers,

  • Scheduling Assistant in OWA is not showing the GAL in Exchange Server 2013 RTM

    Scheduling Assistant is not showing the Global Address List (GAL) information when scheduling meeting using OWA (Outlook Web App) in exchange server 2013 RTM version, not like the way it use to work in exchange server 2010. In exchange server 2010 when you click on Scheduling Assistant in OWA it gives the entire Global Address List (GAL) […]

  • Exchange Server 2013 CAS arrays

    Exchange 2013 doesn’t need to use CAS arrays any more, finally all those worries of tons of name space is gone away now. Now we can use just One* Name Space, Global Name Space. Look for “Deployment simplicity” section for more details on Global Name Space. Client Access Server 2013 is a much simpler beast all […]